You look at enough websites to know this. The words matter.

Seen any websites and spotted errors and poor English? Total turn off. After all, if a business can’t string a sentence together properly, what does it say about their service or products?

Have you looked at a website and thought ‘wow, these guys sound amazing’? A really professional, credible, serious company who I would trust with my home extension/gardening/accountancy…

Trust us, you want to be in the second camp here. Because to neglect the words on your website is to lose business. But to invest in the words on your website is to gain business.

Ultimately, the words on your website need to be these things.

Clear. Engaging. Interesting. Able to sell.

With cost effective rates, fast turnaround and quality writing service, Word Salon can help you find the words.

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“Elizabeth is nothing short of fantastic. She takes the time to understand your business and what makes your business different. She then goes away and puts that into words, and with me being an accountant that’s something I can’t do very well! The simple upshot has been that the leads we’ve generated through adwords have gone from 1 every other week to 3 or 4 per week. Given that it’s really the copy that’s changed on our website, I can put the amazing change down to her fine writing skills. Thank you Elizabeth!”

AJ Dosani, Ace Accountancy