The Brief

Michelle approached Word Salon as she was starting working again following a career break to raise a family. Taking a change in direction from her previous experience, she was seeking advice on how to promote herself effectively, and go about setting up a high impact, effective profile on the networking site LinkedIn. She also asked for her CV to be reviewed and revised, in order to elevate its quality as a personal marketing document.

Word Salon took an in depth brief from Michelle, exploring her background, skills, experience and expertise and her career and business aspirations. Following this, her CV was rewritten to make it more professional, engaging and well written document that gave her talent and career achievements the credit it deserved. We then set up a LinkedIn profile for her, creating a choice of headlines, writing a powerful summary statement and inputting her career information and accomplishments. We also researched and advised on further networking techniques including joining relevant groups and uploading her skills and seeking endorsements and recommendations.


“I approached Word Salon to create and set up my Linked In profile and they did an excellent job, Elizabeth took my old written CV and created a really good profile for me. I have to say, it was not a straightforward task as I had a mixture of full-time experience, freelance and short term contracts. In between all of that, I also took time out to further my training and decided that I did not want to go back into full time work but to pursue freelance positions using the skills that I had gained.

Word salon helped me by explaining other possible avenues I could pursue as well as possible ways to promote and market my skills to further build my freelance contact base.

I now have a really great Linked In profile and am now back in touch with a lot of my past business contacts which has lead to some new freelance work contacts.

One thing I liked about Word Salon was the care took to find about me. Initially we had an informal chat about my background, my skill set, personal circumstances that influenced my decision to change my future career path and new areas I wanted to pursue. I have been out of the business for a few years to build my family and now, with two young children, I don’t want to go back to work full time, so we discussed possible work I could get and ways I could take a sideways step and build my freelance contacts.

I found the experience really helpful and informative. it was good to talk to someone outside the industry who understood my personal position who could give me fresh ideas and with the skill to help me formulate a future career plan.

I would recommend Word Salon to all my friends and colleges who need help putting their CV in to Linked In, especially to people returning to work after taking time out of their career to start a family.”

Michelle-rose Foxton – Graphic Designer