The Brief

Word Salon has undertaken a variety of copywriting assignments for Richmond Solutions – a personal career marketing company. These have included;

  • Marketing collateral; editing and writing sales copy for advertorials and presentations
  • Blogs
  • CV writing, covering letters, reviews and critiques of CVs and LinkedIn Profiles


David Welsh - Richmond Solutions“It is, and always will be to any business owner, both a blessing and a relief to work with someone as clever, able, imaginative, confident and trustworthy as Elizabeth. I’ve hired her for several projects and she has transformed them, making the briefing process more like high-value consultancy and deploying to my advantage industry knowledge I simply didn’t have. She doesn’t miss deadlines and she doesn’t produce disappointments. It’s all there, on time, and a heck of a lot cheaper than some companies where after the Director’s gone a 21 year old does the work (we’ve been there, right?). I’ve no regrets hiring her. None at all.”

David Welsh – Richmond Solutions