Are you missing the chance to engage customers?

You’ve now got a fantastic sounding website and you’re posting good, engaging content.

You know that the more consistent your copy, the more powerful it will be and the stronger your brand.

But there are some bits of copy that are so often neglected, sad and unloved. And therefore could be a missed opportunity to get your selling points and brand across to your customers.

These include;

  • Invoices. Often the driest, dullest documents in the world and certainly no one gets excited about receiving them. However, there’s no reason why you can’t add a line of warmth, humour or thanks to reinforce your brand and raise a smile.


  • Error 404. Obviously quite annoying for anyone when these pop up. But some businesses have got creative with theirs and used them to continue to engage the visitor, reinforce sales messages and get them back to the right page.


  • Auto email thanks. If you’re in a e-commerce business and you automatically ping back a ‘thanks for subscribing’ or ‘thanks for your purchase’ type message think about how this sounds. Every step of the customer journey is a way to make and keep them excited about their interactions with you.


  • Work for us page. Your whole brand comes alive on your website, but then hit ‘work for us’ and prospective talent is met with ‘there are no vacancies at the moment, please check again soon’. What a waste! This is an opportunity to engage the reader in your culture and employer brand, so they’ll be anxious to find out more and stay in touch.


  • Ts and Cs. Depending on your business, they may need to be very legal, technical documents. However, there’s no reason not to at least top and tail them with something engaging. And if your Ts and Cs are more of a basic formality, you can have some fun and bring in your brand.


  • Packaging. If you are sending out goods, packaging is still a marketing opportunity. Great examples of this are ‘Collective Diary’ yogurt pots, and Little Soap Company soaps. Making any instructions or information written consistently in your tone of voice will enhance the experience for your customer and reinforce your brand.


  • Profiles on industry websites like Checkatrade. You’re there to advertise! Yet so many profiles on sites like this are dull, poorly worded, and make no attempt to connect with the reader.


Everywhere you communicate with potential customers is an opportunity. Don’t waste it!




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