What are the bounce rates on your homepage and about page like?

If you haven’t checked, it’s worth doing, because for most websites the homepage is the route into enticing potential customers to look through what you do and offer.

If the bounce rate is high, it could be because of these things;

  • Your homepage and about pages are a big snore. Written in dull, uninspiring language, not telling visitors anything exciting or inspiring to hook them in.
  • All about you, not about the customer. Customers like to know what’s in it for them and then check out your credentials once their interest is piqued.
  • Your homepage is unappealing, poorly laid out and difficult to find the information people need.
  • Your meta-description (short description that appears on a search engine) is misleading and doesn’t reflect what you offer. It’s important to provide on each page what Google thinks it does.
  • You have annoying pop ups covering the whole screen.
  • You don’t explain what you want customers to do (call to action).

If you want to improve your homepage with enticing, engaging, benefit-laden, relevant and customer focused content, check out my Nutshell service (Your business in a Nutshell – one awesome piece of copy to improve your online presence).

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