Copywriting FAQs

What are Your Fees?
The fees for copywriting and marketing consultancy will depend on the complexity of the brief and the time that is anticipated will be spend on the work. Therefore following an initial conversation to fully understand your requirements, you will receive a proposal containing the costs.

For copywriting, fees quoted will include one set of amendments.

What are your payment/invoicing terms?
Once a quote is agreed, you will be charged a 50% deposit (if it is an ongoing project, this will be a 50% deposit for the first stage of the work). Invoice terms are payment within 14 days.
What are your timescales for providing first draft of copy or marketing plan?
The timescales will depend on the complexity of the brief, but generally an individual piece of copy will be turned around in five working days, a marketing proposal in seven working days. Your quote/proposal will confirm timescales.
How does the briefing process take place?
We are based in Epsom therefore a brief may be face to face for a local client, or can be carried out very effectively by telephone or skype.
I need a variety of marketing materials including a new website, can you help with all of this?
Word Salon provide copywriting and marketing consultancy services however through associates we can also supply web design, graphic design, print, social media marketing and other services. We can organise and project manage this for you, or simply recommend a company.
I do spend quite a lot of money on marketing and think what I do is good, but I’m not getting much business from it at the moment. Can you help me work out what is going wrong?
We are happy to carry out a review/audit of your brand/messages/website and other materials. It may be that you are advertising in the right places but your message/selling points are not coming across. It could be that your brand is strong and copy well written but your target audience is not seeing your message for some reason. It could be that you are relying too heavily on one type of media rather than covering a variety of channels. We’ll take a look at your activity, response and budget and steer you towards a more effective marketing strategy.
I've ordered a Nutshell, how many words can I expect?

The word count is likely to be c. 600 but will depend on your business and information provided. 

I've ordered a Nutshell, how quickly can I expect my copy?

We will endeavour to return your copy within seven working days of receipt of the briefing form or telephone brief, however you will be advised at that point should the timings be different due to holiday or volumes.

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