Could I be your next customer?

It strikes me that many of my client relationships have ended up being mutually beneficial.

I wrote a website for a landscaping company who ended up landscaping our garden. A website for a driveway paving company who ended up paving our driveway. My CV Writer client and friend I frequently pass business between each other. My daughter has recently had robotic engineering lessons with my STEM education client. I am now a firm customer of Little Soap Company products since working with this fabulous company. The company I use for my IT support got my business when I wrote their website and email newsletters. The tree surgeons I wrote a website for have just given our lime trees a big haircut. And the Pest Controller website (the highlight of my career)…well… you get the gist.

I suppose on one level it makes sense. I spend so much effort extracting every positive benefit and selling point from these businesses, when I need what they do, why would I look anywhere else?

So, are you looking for your next customer?

Let me rewrite your website and it could be me 😂




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