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Traffic driving, brand-developing, profile-raising, engagement-building – blogs are an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

But if you want people to read them, they need to be well-written, thoroughly-researched, engaging pieces of content. Effective blog-writing takes time and skill.

Quick survey. Are you A, B, C or D?

  1. The keen blogger. You know you need to put out a blog, have an idea of what you want to say, quite enjoy doing it but this month can’t find the right time nor the right words.
  2. The ‘New Year’s resolution’ blogger. This year you were determined to keep on top of blogging. But it’s only March and it’s already a struggle.
  3. The nervous blogger. You’ve heard about this blogging lark, feel you should be doing it, but have barely written a thing since school. You’re hardly ever at a computer and so busy you can’t possibly fit anything else in.
  4. The reluctant blogger. You can’t really see the value in blogging. Just people blowing off steam or blowing their own trumpet. Who wants to read it and what is the point?

If you’re in the ‘D’ camp, consider the Word Salon customer who recently landed one of her most lucrative contracts off the back of one blog. Or the numerous clients who have seen their website or facebook pages increase massively in engagement since blogging regularly.

Blogger ‘D’ is right on one thing. If blogs are not well written, they will indeed have little value. If blogs are to benefit your business they need to be a good structure, rich in keywords, engaging, interesting and useful.

Struggling to write your own blog? I offer;

  • Flexible service including regular or one-off blogs
  • Lengthy articles, short posts or a combination of both
  • Content which is accurate, engaging, useful and insightful
  • Help developing ideas for content
  • Image suggestions and eye-catching headlines



Call on 07809 632653 or email elizabethhibbert@wordsalon.co.uk to find out more.

”I was delighted when a blog Elizabeth wrote for my professional photography business and which I posted onto my website and Linkedin resulted in a brand new client who had read the copy and was so impressed with the knowledge and information that they contacted me for a large commission in one of their hotels in the Gatwick area. I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough she adds business clout with her written words, she enhances and validates professionalism within a business.”
Amanda Duncan

Owner, Commercial Photography

Word Salon

  • Website copy
  • Blogs – one off or monthly blog service
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Straplines
  • Sales letters
  • E-marketing shots
  • Brochures and printed materials
  • Newsletters
  • Advertisements

Marketing Salon

  • Review/audit of website, messaging, current marketing activity and communications
  • Branding, proposition development, messaging and communications
  • Marketing research, planning and strategy
  • Project management
  • Design and print, PR, web design and other specialist marketing services through associates

Career Salon

  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Recruitment adverts
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