Writer’s block. I get it. And by that I mean, it happens to me too.

Staring into space, at a blank piece of paper, at a blank screen. It’s all part of the process. Which is why I see it less as ‘writer’ block’, more of ‘thinking and preparation time’.

If you’re trying to write some content and feel stuck in a rut, give these three idea-boosters a go;

  • Walk away, right away, if possible. Go for a walk round the house and make a cuppa, or go for a walk or a run. A change of scenery can help get you out of a rut.
  • For blog ideas; look through the news, industry publications, social media. There’s likely to be something to pique your interest, spark an idea, bring on a view worth exploring.
  • If you’re trying to write something promotional for your business, get a blank piece of paper and ping down keywords related to what you do. Then write phrases – how you help customers, what makes you different, how can you prove it – stats, testimonials, awards.
  • Just start writing. Get something down. You can sort it all out afterwards, but the best thing is to get started and over those first few lines.

Good luck!

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