​Pizza toppings or insightful industry comment?

The good old content dilemma that so many people face on LinkedIn, and no wonder when content creators and ‘LinkedIn gurus’ are giving such different advice.

My advice is to start by thinking about one thing. Purpose. I could post regularly about whether pineapple is acceptable on pizza, and watch the comments, debates, likes and so-called ‘engagement’ come rollin’ in.

It might get my ‘name out there’. But, for what? For being a lover, hater, or ‘indifferenter’ of pineapple on pizza? Will any of the respondents really care, or use me as their copywriter as a result?

So… What do you want from your post? How do you want your community, network and potential customers to perceive you?

If you want to be recognised as an authority and someone with value, solutions and insights to offer, then post interesting, insightful, high value content.

I’m NOT saying, don’t ever post personal stories, views on the world, or light-hearted tittle tattle. You’re a human with a life, family, views, personality. But mix it up with helpful authority posts which are helpful and insightful to your audience.

Now, who’s for pizza?

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