Hiding or forgetting your CTA is foolish and unhelpful.

Is there anything more annoying than when you read a website/blog/article, think ‘hurrah’ that’s the product/person/company for me, only to find you cannot find the contact details anywhere?

In this world of fast gratification, within seconds you would probably be off to the next option on the list, or just feel cross and frustrated by the time you do find the darn number to call.

Why do companies make it so difficult?

  • Appearing ‘salesy’?
  • Wanting to come across elusive and mysterious?
  • Simple oversight?

Either way, it’s a sure-fire route to annoyed, unhappy and therefore lost customers.

If you’ve done such a great job of persuading someone to want what you’re peddling, don’t risk losing them at the final hurdle.

It’s a waste of effort and money.

Giving people a clear and easy way to contact you and get started enquiring or buying helps them.

And that’s what you’re there to do, right?






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