Apparently, according to LinkedIn, it’s Word Salon’s four year anniversary today (thank you to those who have sent me a congrats).

I don’t usually write posts about me however it does seemly timely to have a brief reflection.

Four years of Word Salon really has been an incredible journey and a massive learning curve.

I happened to be thinking the other day, just how extraordinary it is to be working in a job that is genuinely so enjoyable day after day. That no matter what challenges or tough projects are thrown at me, never cause me to dread my working day or sit down at my computer with a heavy heart. In fact, I just wish there were more hours in the day because there are never enough.

Of course, there are well documented downsides of running your own business. Rarely switching off; no-one to ask for help and the big one; instability of income and business pipeline.

My big worry when I started out was that after many years of working in large, corporate, social environments, surrounded by people and with a management structure, I would be lonely and uninspired. But nothing could be further from the truth. My clients comprise an immensely varied, talented and inspiring bunch of people; and I work with web developers, other marketing specialists and my local networking group offers fantastic companionship and motivation.

I started Word Salon because I had enjoyed four years of full-time mum-time (which was amazing). As school started approaching so did a potential vacuum, so I knew that I needed to work but had a) no confidence and b) no desire to commute or return to a corporate environment.

Thanks to a well-timed lunch date with a wonderfully supportive former colleague, who was pleased to see me moving away from ‘poo-washing’ (his words for my four years of childcare), I was given some project work that enabled me to gradually build up my confidence. Over a few months it dawned on me that writing was something I loved, and fortunately was reasonably good at, so that was the way to go.

And so now, four years later I consider myself lucky. I have a key contract in – a graduate recruitment website trying to do great things in that market, with fantastic colleagues. I have a new contract with two phenomenal entrepreneurs breaking new ground with their venture. And I have an eclectic mix of other wonderful clients from DJs and photographers to accountants and whisky companies.

So it’s a big thank you from me to David Welsh, my clients, my colleagues and my wonderfully supportive local network who continue to recommend and refer Word Salon. Oh and to my husband who often loses me to the emails on my phone (blame my clients!).

For anyone considering starting something new, or going it alone in business and concerned about the risk, the loneliness and the instability I would say this.

If you’re in a position to give it a try – go for it. It could be the best move you ever make.


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