Are you entering a written submission for an industry award?

How carefully have you prepared your entry?

Because as brilliant as you or your business may be, your actions and achievements may not be sufficient to land that award.

The words you use in your submission may however get you over the first hurdle, at least.

Here’s my advice for writing a powerful and potentially winning awards submission;

✔Read the criteria very carefully and make sure you’ve clearly covered off every element with evidence

✔Ensure each answer is well structured and clear

✔Write in a punchy, persuasive and engaging tone, after all, the people reading these things will be reading a lot of them – you want yours to stand out

✔Use facts, stats, testimonials, case studies to demonstrate and prove your claims

✔Use headlines, subheadings and bullet points to make powerful points and blocks of answers digestible and clear

✔Check at the end for accuracy or get it proofread

✔Not sure your writing is not up to the job? Hire a copywriter.

Good luck!


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