Keep your distance – but keep your customers close.

We do all need to keep our distance. But it’s social distancing, not relationship distancing. Right now, business relationships with clients and customers must stay close, arguably get even closer.

Because in the absence of meetings, events, exhibitions, trade fairs and trading in a face to face environment, businesses, and people can easily be forgotten. And now is not the time to be forgetting each other, neglecting relationships or allowing your business to slip from your customers’ minds.

Most people are feeling a bit lost at the moment. They may be grieving the loss of loved ones, lonely and missing their families, struggling with self-isolation, worried about the future or facing financial challenges.

We all need to be there for each other.

Not selling, not exploiting, not profiteering.

But being mindful, caring, compassionate, helpful.

So what can you do in your business, to maintain social distancing, while keeping your customers close?

  • You can be taking this time to phone, email or even just text your customers. Check they are okay. Ask them the questions. Find out if they need help.
  • You can update your social media channels and your website to ensure customers are up to date with what you offer. Not selling, updating. This will help customers find and get what they need, on the other side of this.
  • Set up Zoom meetings or join Zoom networking groups. These don’t all need to be serious. Zoom coffees/drinks/quizzes are becoming a popular way for remote working teams and business colleagues to stay in touch and bring a bit of fun and levity to the current situation.
  • If you’re not active on social media like LinkedIn, now’s the time to raise your profile. Get known for being credible in your market. Share information, offer advice, make new connections. Talk about the challenges for your business and how you’re facing it. You’ll have nothing to lose from raising your visibility and everything to gain.

Let the current crisis bring you closer to your customers, not further apart.

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