I don’t ‘do’ inspirational quotes.

They generally get my back up.

I’ve taken recently to wondering why.

I think it’s because I just naturally question and see the other side of everything.

For example, the other day I saw one from a founder of something or other saying something along these lines;

‘’If you are passionate and work hard, you will be successful’’.

Which straight away sends my mind into overdrive.

Really? So if I love playing the piano and work hard, despite having zero talent, I will be successful?

Or, if I have a fantastic idea for a business venture but few contacts, no money to invest or way of getting it, if someone else beats me to the patent, if another company or person with loads of money has the same idea and launches it, but I’m passionate and work hard, I will still be successful?

And how do you define success anyway, I wonder as I spiral into the depths of my own mind.

My problem with ‘Inspirational quotes’ is that they are often over-simplistic, overused and arguably a bit lazy. A few years ago our social feeds were full of them.

However. I do accept that much like beauty and art, inspirational quotes are in the mind of the beholder. If an inspiration quote genuinely inspires you, makes you feel better and is from someone you admire then I’m absolutely for putting it in a prominent place where you can see it and be inspired every day.

So for me, inspirational quotes can work if they are;

  • Used in a relevant fashion, perhaps to back up an argument, a story, an experience
  • Explained and used as a point of discussion, not taken at face value
  • Ideally from someone who has achieved the thing they are quoting about
  • Not overused
  • Mean something personal to you and you can explain why

So I will leave you with this;

‘’Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on’’. Louis L’amour.

I rest my case.

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