Are your web content and online profiles fit and ready for battle post-Covid? As time goes on, business will pick up. Your customers will want what they’ve been missing the past few weeks and they’ll be back to needing your services.

But there will be a change.

If what you do is in demand, you’re suddenly going to find a lot of new competitors who have pivoted into your industry, as well as existing ones out there fighting. And if they’ve taken this downtime to spruce up their marketing, they’ll be winning.

Now’s the time to get your online presence in order. Ensure you are crystal clear about how you solve the problems of your customers and why you are the go-to business in your market.

To do this you need to be visible with engaging, powerful copy and content.

You need to be able to explain your business in a nutshell while also making it sound AWESOME.

If the crafting of this content isn’t your bag, I can help. My new Nutshell service provides an affordable one-off awesome piece of copy to improve your online presence.

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