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Mark was launching a new website and key to the new branding was the content. Mark is a specialist in working with leadership teams in large global organisations and helping them tackle barriers and challenges that are holding them back. His approach is a highly innovative one, one which would put leadership teams through a thorough and challenging process, but enable them to improve performance through improved communication and trust.

I needed to ensure we highlighted clearly the tangible results organisations could expect from investing in his process, as well as explaining how it all works.

One of the challenges here was reducing the vast amounts of information provided, as Mark is so passionate and knowledgeable about his subject, into compelling, persuasive clear selling points and calls to action. 




A thorough briefing session with the client designed to extract the selling points, benefits, story, aspirations, target audience and personality of the business.

Time spent researching existing marketing materials, the market sector, competitors as well as detailed research.

Before writing anything, I developed the core messages. Established the tone of voice. Created themes. Defined the words and phrases that would resonate with the target audience and as well as support the SEO strategy.

Crafting engaging, compelling, creative copy which was on brand, spoke in the right tone of voice for the audience and conveyed the information needed clearly.

Careful and strategic use of keywords and phrases to support organic SEO; working closely with the web developers in analysing the right keywords to target for the best results.

The copy is proofed and reproofed as many times as necessary to ensure accuracy.

Client words

“Elizabeth was recommended when we took a long hard look at our website and realised the copy was key to building credibility with prospects, given our niche approach to change.

Elizabeth stepped in and very quickly understood the essence of what we do, identifying the differentiators, whilst balancing the commercial issues our clients face with the subtleties and journey inherent to facilitating transformational change.

I enjoyed working with Elizabeth as she was professional, flexible and responsive and yet also went the extra mile, exceeding my expectations and delivering copy that clearly differentiated our work and the value to our prospective clients.

Given my experience of working with Elizabeth and what she has delivered for us, I would recommend Word Salon without hesitation”.


Mark Hammond

Director, Connectivity Consulting

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