Does your LinkedIn Summary do you justice?

LinkedIn has changed immensely over the years, and so has how we can use it and improve our profile to be eye catching and engaging to the people we want to connect, engage and network with.

No doubt you’ll have noticed how headlines have moved from standard job titles through to ‘ninjas’, ‘gurus’ and ‘rockstars’, into ‘helping customers xyz’ and now often attention-grabbing statements.

But the ‘summary’ section is often neglected.

Sometimes it’s barely used at all, just a few lines – missing out on the lovely potential of all those 2000 available characters. Sometimes they are written in the third person, rather than speaking conversationally or in a way that will connect on an emotional level with the reader. Sometimes they are just a dry CV-style list of skills and experience.

Depending on the purpose of your LinkedIn Profile, whether it’s to further your career or promote your business, the summary is a great opportunity to do just that.

Here’s my tips on creating a more engaging LinkedIn profile

  • Open with a great, enticing line. Just like any headline, you’ll want this first line to hook the reader in to finding out more. Make a bold statement or state something intriguing.
  • Tell a story that builds up to a conclusion – hopefully one that promotes you or your business. If you structure it in this way, the reader will happily read on to the end.
  • Use this as an opportunity to connect and show empathy with the position of your audience. Not only will this clarify who you are targeting, but you’ll show an understanding of their world and their problems – that you solve.
  • Write conversationally and naturally. This isn’t a CV. It’s a piece of content. Feel free to be creative.
  • Include keywords that would relate to anyone searching for your skills, knowledge, products or services.
  • Include a call to action – whether to visit a website, call you for a discovery call or DM for more information.

If you’re stuck, a CV Writer or a copywriter would be a good investment to make sure your LinkedIn About Section does you justice.


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