What is a ‘lead magnet’ and why do I need one?

You may have heard marketers/content writers talking about ‘lead magnets’.

These are pieces of content that will drive potential customers to want to find out more. Often these are used as part of an email campaign, to drive your audience to sign up to an email list.

A lead magnet could be;

  • A White Paper or e-book – a really useful and enlightening study into a complex subject
  • A really helpful guide presented as a downloadable PDF
  • A video tutorial
  • A webinar or free mini-course
  • A handy checklist or ‘cheat sheet’
  • A free consultation

Lead magnets should offer a decent amount of value to the recipient, and therefore can take quite a lot of time. You’ll want to maximise the return on it through a good landing page, call to action and plan to nurture the leads it delivers.

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