“What kind of copywriter do I need”.

This is an understandable question, especially if you’ve never used a copywriter before.

In every profession there are specialities and copywriting is no different.

So how do you choose a copywriter to help with your project?

There are;

  • Technical copywriters – those whose background may be in a specific field like engineering or IT and have moved into writing and are skilled in handling and distilling complex technical jargon into different materials.


  • Content creators – these may have a mix of creative graphic design or videography plus writing skills and be good at creating a wide range of visual types of content.


  • Creative/conceptual – usually as part of a creative team, working on advertising campaigns.


  • PR/Comms – press releases, articles, internal or external communication materials.


  • SEO and product – writing keyword strong descriptions for e-commerce/online retail, SEO blogs and websites.


  • Online/web copywriters – website copy, social media posts, blogs and articles.


  • Sales copywriters – brochures, newsletters, emails, adverts, websites, newsletters, lead magnets.


  • Branding/marketing copywriters – helping businesses develop their messages, straplines and tone of voice.


To get the best results, you’ll need to pick the right copywriter.


Although some of this may overlap, the last three are where I specialise. Happy to guide anyone through copywriting confusion, we’re a big network and a helpful bunch.

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