What’s a White Paper and what can a White Paper do for my business?


You may have heard the term flying around and wondered what an earth it is. Surely White Papers are for government, something to do with research and policy – that’s how I always used to view them anyway.

But now, White Papers have become quite an effective form of ‘long-form content’ as part of a B2B content marketing strategy

They are great for;


✔Demonstrating authority in your sector and thought leadership

✔Giving high level insights and information to help your audience

✔Helping your audience to understand a complex or technical problem, product or service

✔Improving SEO rankings as search engines favour high quality content that keeps readers on the page

✔Acting as a lead magnet for potential customers.


A White Paper needs to be very high value and authoritative, educating and enlightening the recipient. It’s your opportunity to position yourself in your industry so it’s worth considering providing not just information, but well-informed opinions.

To make the most of your White Paper, you should think about its design and presentation. It should be well-laid out and branded, so input from a graphic designer is advisable.

You may even want to consider a high quality printed version deliver to a target list of prospects or customers, to elevate the quality of the content of the White Paper even further.

At a minimum, a White Paper should;


✔Be well-structured

✔Contain new or interesting research, statistics, surveys, news

✔Reveal insights, opinion and argument


It can be a valuable addition to your content marketing if it offers true value to the reader.



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