Your business is your baby and you know it inside out. So why on earth do you need a copywriter, an outsider, to explain it?

If you’re the owner of a small business, sole trader or start-up, you’re passionate about your venture, highly knowledgeable and skilled in your area of work. So it may go against the grain or feel unnecessary to trust an outsider to communicate on your behalf. After all, you’ve spent years learning your trade, planning your business and building up a good reputation and a strong customer base. No one knows your hopes, dreams and business aspirations better than you. No one understands what your customers need better than you. And no one knows why you’re great at what you do better than you.

But knowing is one thing. Explaining it clearly to the layperson is another. Making it sound great is something else. And convincing people to take the action you want is a whole different ball game.

A copywriter will;

1. Simplify complex or technical information into clear, understandable messages with which your target audience will engage
2. Determine what makes your business different/better by researching the competition and extracting your USPS and benefits
3. Structure information for marketing purposes to tell an exciting story rather than just describing what you do
4. Use keywords and phrases to help web content rank better on search engines
5. Create eye-catching, thought-provoking, clever straplines, headlines and sub-headings to break up content and engage the reader
6. Help you explain your business more succinctly, and adapt clear pieces of content to use for different purposes in different media channels
7. Help you develop a tone of voice which will resonate with your audience and reflect your brand, keeping it consistent across all communications
8. Develop ideas for blogs and articles, with engaging titles and different angles
9. Use words to drive prospects to a specific action through strongly stated benefits and risks; whether that’s to contact you via a form, pick up the phone, click to buy or something else.
10. Save you the time so you can do what you do best – run your business.

Putting your valued business in the hands of a copywriter is a big step and takes trust. But it could make all the difference.

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