Before we get started, I know. I really do. This doesn’t, and can’t, apply to everyone. We’ve all done work we didn’t love and it’s simply not always possible.

But for most of my clients; sole traders, small business owners and entrepreneurs, passion and drive for what they do has been instrumental to their success.

I took a client brief yesterday from businesswoman and chef, Lara Osilaja of Laraba Catering. An inspiring woman who has spent the vast majority of her career in insurance, whilst cooking sensational Nigerian food for family and friends. Now, with a successful catering business, she is doing what she loves.

As I questioned Lara, she gushed with excitement about food festivals and street markets. She spoke animatedly about the future of her business and her immense pleasure when people enjoy her food. Her eyes were the size of dinner plates when she spoke of spices, aromas, colours and flavours.

When I left her, apart from having a rumbling tummy, I couldn’t wait to start writing.

Which leads me on to my one big tip for you today. When you are trying to promote your business, don’t tell us when it was founded. Don’t fill your copy with platitudes like ‘leading’ this and ‘Britain’s best’ that.

If like Lara, you run your business from the heart, talk from the heart. Tell your customers what drives you, how your business is important, how you make a difference to people’s lives. If you come across well in person, capture it on video. If you find writing a challenge, use a copywriter.

But make it real. Tell a story. Be you. And this will be your strongest sell.



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