Start-ups – why you need a copywriter


Are you one of the many new business start-ups founded during the pandemic?

A number of my clients are start-up ventures, and have something in common.

Early on in their existence, they brought in a copywriter.

The reasons they approached me were;

✔To ‘nail’ their proposition, find the hook, the thing that makes them the ‘go to’ option

✔Wanting to develop the right tone of voice for their business from the outset

✔They were so busy that outsourcing the ‘words’ made sense otherwise their website was never going to get launched!

✔They felt too close to their business to express it properly and in a way that would connect with their audience

✔They wanted someone else on board listening, supporting, encouraging, who understands business and marketing.

Hiring a copywriter is so much more than just about the words.

Can I help you and your start-up?

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