Most pieces of content need a headline.

A headline is a way to entice the reader into content. A headline is a way to grab attention. A headline can help with SEO. A headline will influence the open rate of a piece of content.

When you’re crafting a headline, you need to make sure;

✔It’s interesting, arresting, thought-provoking

✔It contains important keywords relating to your subject

✔It’s relevant to what people will find below the headline

✔It’s based on what your audience wants/needs to know

So, a headline can be;

❓A question your audience may be asking (e.g. How do I write a good headline?)

💪A strong and bold statement (You need a great headline, here’s why)

👀An eye-opening reveal (I tried two different headlines, here’s what happened)

💻Evidence based (We looked at the open rates of ten headlines. Find out which performed the best).

It may sound simple, but a headline can be a real headache.

Oh, another tip, if you’re really stuck, start writing and come back to the headline later.

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